About the artist

Tom Adair lives in Richmond Victoria and works out of Studio Sixnine in Cremorne.

Tom Adair’s genius as an artist began in the subculture of the Melbourne Graffiti scene. It is a place as competitive and as critical as any in the art world. Immersed in an urban landscape where the spray can is king, and speed is most certainly your friend. The artist’s intrinsic ability to make immediate, aesthetically strong paintings, was honed.

A decade after leaving the brick and concrete walls of the iconic streets for the studio, Adair’s more formal practice has taken centre stage. Tom Adair’s practice delves far deeper than a lust for a design aesthetic. The artist is far more interested in us, our relationship to the environment, and how a thirst for evolution and technology has changed us.

"Airbush is like a refined form of graffiti, I have adapted this into something familiar yet new. For me it's the layering of neon and specialist framing that really gives a quality and brings my pieces to life."

Working with a range of materials from Dibond, neon, timber, HDP foam, metal and glass, allows Tom to produce and fabricate elaborate pieces for private commissions, public projects or pieces for group shows.