About the artist

Tom Adair lives in Richmond Victoria and works out of Studio Sixnine in Cremorne.

Born in Melbourne in the eighties and immersed in graffiti subculture, Adair's refined exploration of medium, is a clear progression from an adolescence spent spraying walls with pressurised paint. The picture perfect homes dotted across flat dibond surfaces are a personal response to the illusion of the idyllic family home through the means of architecture influenced by a professional career focused around design and interiors.

Viewed from afar, the works appear as monochromatic colour images from the mid-century architecture era. Adair engages many processes while producing the romantic pieces, first documenting the dwellings using photography and digitally creating halftone renderings before spending countless hours meticulously airbrushing the works by hand.

The addition of hand bent neon lights are used to accent each structure and invite the viewer closer to a more intimate level where the swirling electricity and softness of the airbrush can be appreciated on a more personal level.

"Airbush is like a refined form of graffiti, I have adapted this into something familiar yet new. For me it's the layering of neon and specialist framing that really gives a quality and brings my pieces to life."

Working with a range of materials from aerosol, acrylic, neon, timber, dibond, metal and glass, allows Tom to produce and fabricate elaborate pieces for private commissions, public projects or pieces for group shows.